TECO Ducted Air Conditioners

"The strength of a global brand, comfort you can rely on."

The TECO Ducted Systems are the comfortable choice for residential or light commercial premises.


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Meet the TECO ducted HDVM range.

 The HVDM range by TECO has been designed to perform and are tested and compliant with the latest Minimum Energy Performance Standards.


  • Available in: Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Capacities: 10.5kW, 13.0kW, 14.5kW, 17.0kW,
  • Refrigerant: R410A

Installing a TECO ducted air conditioner

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit has a fan coil which conditions the supplied air, this conditioned air is then distributed through ducting in the roof to outlets in ceiling or walls.

Outdoor Unit

Enjoy comfort with TECO outdoor units tested and built to last. Reliable, even in the harsh Australian environment.

Our experienced installers will provide custom solutions for your home to suit your needs.


5 Year Warranty

TECO’s 5-year parts warranty applies to split, multi split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across Australia. Schillair provides a 5 year labour warranty.

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Key features

TECO prides itself in 60 years of head industries manufacturing experience to deliver some of the most durable and reliable air conditioners wherever you are in Australia

gold fin protection icon ducted

Gold Fin Protection

Gold fin protection provides peace of mind as it prolongs the life of the aluminum outdoor condenser fins by preventing the accumulation of harmful corrosive acids, salts and air borne contaminants  prolonging the performance and lifespan of your Ducted Aircon.

Reverse cycle function icon teco ducted

Reverse Cycle

Summer or winter, heating or cooling – keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

dred ready icon teco ducted air conditioners

D.R.E.D Enabled

Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED), ensures you can sign up to state based peak demand management programs. Contact your energy retailer for more information around peak demand management of your air conditioner.
Built in drain pipe icon teco

Built-in Drain Pump

Built-in drain pump can lift the water up to 750mm height, which widens the drainage piping range.

compliant and efficiency icon teco ducted

Efficient & Compliant

All TECO Ducted Air Conditioners are compliant with the Australian Government’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). Each unit is designed for energy efficiency. Helping reduce running costs without compromising comfort.
brushles dc inverter icon teco ducted

Brushless DC Inverter Motor

Having a brushless DC inverter motor in both indoor & outdoor units, minimises energy consumption, ensures a long service life and quickly distributes conditioned air.
WIDE RANGE icon teco ducted

Broad Operating Range

In the peak of an Australian summer or the depths of a freezing winter, feel confident your TECO ducted air conditioner has been tested to perform efficiently to keep your home comfortable all year round wherever you are in Australia.

easy repair icon teco ducted air conditioner

Service Friendly Design

Engineered to be simple to install and maintain. Designed to be concealed and out of the way. The return air grille, filter and outlets giving comfort while minimising visibility.

teco ducted wireless

Wireless connectivity

Total control from your mobile device. Set your system from anywhere!



*optional Wi-fi module available (TDWIFIKIT) sold separately.

teco net home plus

NetHome Plus App

NetHome Plus brings you a brand new experience for intelligent control. It offers precise air conditioning management, intelligent and flexible control. Helping make your life easier. Control the AC at anytime and anywhere you like. Check the status of your AC in real time. Make changes instantly.

*We recommend module installation at the time of your system installation.