Meet the Panasonic Air Curtain range

Panasonic’s Air Curtains create a powerful high-velocity air screen, ensuring excellent energy, comfort, and hygiene control in any environment. They help prevent odours and contaminants from transferring between areas, making them ideal for places like retail stores and manufacturing plants.

With dust-proof and insect-proof capabilities, these air curtains maintain a clean, healthy indoor space. They also retain conditioned air, minimising temperature fluctuations and energy wastage when doors are opened. Featuring a stylish design, smooth operation, and efficient performance, Panasonic Air Curtains are a perfect addition to any facility.

Panasonic Air Curtain specifications

  • Capacities:

    • 372 l/s
    • 518 l/s
    • 694 l/s

Air Curtain

Model FY-4009U118
Airflow 372 l/s
Supply & Install $1699

Air Curtain

Model FY-4012U118
Airflow 518 l/s
Supply & Install $1799

Air Curtain

Model FY-4015U118
Airflow 694 l/s
Supply & Install $1899

5 Year Warranty

Our 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to split, multi split and ducted air conditioners purchased and installed in homes across Australia

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