The Perfect Comfort Solution

As Australia’s largest local air conditioner brand, we know that Aussies love our unique & challenging weather, and know how hard it can make staying comfortable. That’s why we design and build our ducted air conditioners to perform better in Australian conditions – energy efficient, more reliable, and longer lasting.

Since 1984 they’ve designed and built world-class air conditioning technology that made tougher, smarter, more efficient and more reliable, to handle whatever conditions are thrown at us. So no matter what’s going on outside, families can always come home to the perfect temperature and be in their element inside with ActronAir.

Actron Air cassette specifications

  • Available in:

    Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)

  • Refrigerant:


  • Capacities:

    • 10 kw
    • 12.5 kw
    • 13.95 kw


Indoor model CRE-100CS
Outdoor model CRC-100CS
10.95kW Cooling 11.95kW Heating
Supply & Install $7299


Indoor model CRE-125CS
Outdoor model URC-125CS
12.3kW Cooling 13.5kW Heating
Supply & Install $8199


Indoor model CRE-140CS
Outdoor model URC-140CS
13.95kW Cooling 14.5kW Heating
Supply & Install $8699