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We offer a very simple process to start enjoying your split system aircon in no time.

3 acs split small

Commercial and Residential Aircon Installations in Sydney

The Split System air conditioning catalogue that we put at your disposal at Schillair.com.au is a complete selection of Split System air conditioning units for the benefit of the whole family or your office. Choosing these models we prioratised low noise levels, design, energy efficiency and flexibility. This is what you can expect from any of the split system units you find on our page.

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Daikin 5kw split system indoor unit

Daikin Split System Air Conditioners

Daikin offers one of the most reliable and efficient range of split system air conditioners in Australia. Daikin air conditioners have been designed to satisfy the needs, tastes and demands of the user. They have an exquisite design and the highest features that we can imagine, even with Wi-Fi connection, to control the equipment from an App with our Smartphone or Tablet from outside the home. Daikin’s record proves the reliability and durability of their products. We trust Daikin.

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Daikin 5kw split system indoor unit

Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners

Fujitsu introduces a range of split split system air conditioners with excellent performance, low consumption, efficiency and design. The back to back units are those that incorporate an outdoor unit (motor) together with an indoor unit (split). These air conditioners are ideal for air conditioning a single room in your home. Fujitsu’s philosophy focuses on the well-being and comfort of people, focusing on the technology and performance of its air conditioning systems.

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Daikin 5kw split system indoor unit

Panasonic Split System Air Conditioners

Panasonic is one of the leading brands in the air conditioning sector and a reference in comfort and design. They have rolled out new technologies over time that are being implemented in their products to improve their customers’ air conditioning experience. The Panasonic split system consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It features smart control, smart efficiency and nanoeX™️ technology keeping your home with pure clean air. You can depend on Panasonic.

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Daikin 5kw split system indoor unit

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric presents the new MSZ-AP split system air conditioning range within the new generation of equipment with R32 refrigerant gas. This unit has the highest A+++ classification in cooling mode and a compact design that allows it to be installed in any room in the home.
In addition, it has the Air Purifier filter capable of capturing small dust particles and odours. With Mitsubishi Electric you can enjoy your comfort with your family in peace.

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🔎 Learn more about Split System Air conditioning

At Schillair.com.au we worked hard and with care to create this simple process for purchasing, booking and having your split system air conditioner installed in the easiest and hassle-free manner possible. We urge you to take advantage of our superior service quality. Before you do so, here is some general information about split system air conditioners to help you make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is split system air conditioning?

When we talk about air conditioning, the first thing we think of is split air conditioning. It is the most common and is normally installed in homes.

The split air conditioner has two separate units, an outdoor unit located on the facades of the house and an indoor unit located inside the house.

The indoor unit or also called split is an elongated device that is located inside our home as mentioned before, in this unit is the evaporator that is responsible for extracting the hot air and give its heat to the refrigerant gas. We also find the fan that distributes the flow of cooled air to the room and the temperature sensors connected to a thermostat to know the temperature of the room.

On the other hand, there is the outdoor unit which is responsible for expelling the hot air from inside the house to the outside. In this unit we find the condenser where the refrigerant gas changes from gas to liquid.

How does air conditioning work?

The operation of air conditioning is very simple, it is a cyclical process where the gas is transformed from liquid to gas and vice versa thanks to the refrigerant gases.

The steps that our air conditioner follows to transform the hot air in a room into cold air is called the refrigeration cycle and is as follows: the air conditioner extracts the hot air from the room thanks to a fan, this air circulates through tubes where the refrigerant liquid is located. In this process the liquid passes to a gaseous state where the heat is absorbed and the liquid evaporates and condenses resulting in cold air.

This happens because the hot air is pushed by the compressor and generates heat. The excess heat is expelled to the outside, out of the fan.

Reverse Cycle or Cooling Only?

Do we only want cooling or do we also want heating? The most common for home and offices is the reverse cycle split system air conditioner. This system allows us to program the appliance to provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. It is a really useful system if what we need is to heat a not too big room or as a complement of the traditional heating for the hardest moments of the winter.
The other tyoe is the cooling only split system air conditioner. This type allows only for the cooling function. For example, places like server rooms require a cooling only air conditioner since servers generate heat will not need heating function.

What does inverter mean in air conditioning?

Nowadays, most split system air conditioners work with inverter technology. Thanks to inverter technology, the compressor works at a constant speed, avoiding the need to start and stop frequently to reach the desired temperature.

There are many advantages of air conditioning with inverter technology:

  • It is quieter because there are no continuous start-ups.
  • As the air conditioning compressor runs continuously, it is easier to maintain a constant temperature.
  • As the operating frequency is regulated, it consumes less energy and saves energy.
  • As the components are less stressed, the life of the appliance is extended.

Split System air conditioning brands

At Schillair we supply the main brands of ducted air conditioning to make sure that our clients get the best products in the market and therefore long term peace of mind.

Advantages of split system air conditioning
  1. Silent Equipment

    The split system is divided into two units: the condenser, which is installed in the external environment, and the evaporator, which is in the internal part. Thus, the noises are outside.

  2. Large Variety of Sizes

    With capacities ranging from 7,000 to 80,000 BTU, split air conditioners are perfect for environments of various sizes.

  3. Energy Savings

    If you compare a split and a window air conditioner with the same load capacity, the split will save up to 25% of the energy consumed while doing the same job.This number increases drastically with the implementation of Inverter Technology, even up to 60%.

  4. Practicality

    Split air conditioning units take up little space and the installation hole is smaller compared to other types of air conditioners. No major damage is done to the wall.

  5. Sophisticated Design

    Do you want to buy a split air conditioner, but are afraid that it will disturb the decor? Well, the design of a split air conditioner does not affect the layout of your room. It is designed so that it can also become an ornament while helping to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can also match the colour of your device with the paint of the wall on which it will be installed. In addition to white, there are black and silver options to choose from.

  6. Air filters included

    Those who suffer from respiratory illnesses know how important it is to maintain air quality. With that in mind, Split units feature purifying filters with bio-active agents that remove odours, impurities and micro-organisms.The result is remarkable: a comfortable and much healthier breathing environment.

Some aspects to consider before choosing a split system air conditioning
  1. Occupies more interior space than ducted models.
  2. Alteration of the facade, if the condenser installation is close to the evaporator.
  3. Reduces the humidity of the room.
  4. Need for periodic maintenance to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.

Maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning your split system for dust and other particles is very important to maintain a healthy air conditioning system and avoid energy waste, fungi accumulation and to extend the life of your air conditioner.



How much does a duct air conditioner cost?

The price of a split system air conditioner varies according to its power and performance. Start by chosing your favourite brand.