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Fujitsu General creates high-quality and environmentally-friendly products that provide good comfort by utilizing the air conditioning technology and creativity fostered over many years.

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Meet the Fujitsu Ducted range air conditioners.


Fujitsu General is a leading supplier of air conditioning products in Australia. They´ve focused all of their research and manufacturing capability into producing world-class, market-leading air conditioners for most Australian homes and commercial spaces. Fujitsu General strives to consistently provide high quality, reliable products accompanied by superior customer service.

Fujitsu Ducted range general specifications

  • Available in: Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Capacities: 10.0kW, 12.5kW, 14.0kW, 16kW,  20.0kW, 25kW
  • Refrigerant: R410A

Compact and flexible designs

Slimline type ducted air conditioners are slim and compact in design in order to fit into most ceiling spaces, making it ideal for installation to be discreet. The adjustable static pressure feature along with optional zone controller connectivity allows greater flexibility with installation and adjustable airflow for improved comfort.

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Intuitive control

Operated from an easy-to-use LCD control, you can change the settings for mode, fan speed and set temperature and also program the weekly timer to maintain temperature with minimal fuss.

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Quiet and efficient

Quiet, efficient and easy to maintain, offering perfect comfort for the room it is installed in


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High Static Single Phase, Infinity range

Whole home comfort and control


fujitsu infinity single phase features checklist

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Power supply

Use of single phase power allows for greater flexibility and minimises installation costs as there is no need to upgrade to a three phase power supply.

zone control icon

Zone control

Optional zone control allows for up to 8 zones to be connected, giving greater control to meet your individual needs.

Outlets result

Increased number of outlets

High static ducted air conditioning allows for an increased number of air ducts to be installed

High Static Three Phase, Infinity range

Whole home comfort and control



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Comfort result

Comfort and stability

With smart technology, the air conditioner works at an optimum setting to create a comfortable environment for your home.

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Energy efficiency

With built in features such as DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors and built in programmable timers, these systems use less power than ever before.

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Zone control

Optional zone control allows for 8 zones to be connected, giving greater temperature control to meet individual needs.

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Zone Control

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  • Zone names can beprogrammed
  • Weekly timerSimple operation
  • Room temperature displayed on home screen
  • Child lock

²* Optional extra for ARTG09/12LLLB | ARTG18LLTA | ARTG24LMLC | ARTA30LBTU | ARTA36/45LATU

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  • Thermo sensor
  • Weekly timer
  • Easy to understand operation
  • Timer and clock display
  • Temperature display
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  • Touch screen LCD panel
  • Built in weekly/daily timer and auto off timer
  • Backlight
  • Room temperature display

³ Optional extra for ARTG_LHTDP | ARTG_LDTA

Energy Efficient

By using the weekly timer function, dampers can be opened and closed to match your daily schedule. It’s a ‘set and forget’ way to keep the temperature of your home comfortable all year round.

User-friendly functions

The user-friendly control features a large display for ‘Mode’, ‘Set Temp’ and ‘Fan’ with each function represented by an intuitive icon. The wired remote features a backlight for easy operation in the dark

What is Zone Control?

Ducted air conditioning with zone control capabilities allows for different zones (areas) to be set up in your home for optimal comfort and energy management. The system adjusts airflow through dampers to control the air conditioning of the zones to reach the desired temperature.

The Fujitsu optional backlit zone controller allows for up to 8 zones to be set,where users can rename the zone on the easy-to-use wired controller.For example, Zone 1 – Living Area, Zone 2 – Bedrooms and so on.


Fujitsu General believes in the quality and reliability of every air conditioner they sell. That’s why they provide a 5 year full parts warranty for all domestic air conditioning systems sold in Australia.

Warranty info
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auto airflow Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment

When auto mode is selected for the fan, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.

Program timer Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Program Timer

This timer allows selection of one of four options. ON, OFF, ON > OFF, or OFF > ON.

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ON-OFF Timer

ON-OFF timer can be set to operate once every 24 hours.

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Control Port

External inputs and outputs contained within the product allow on/off control, fresh air interlock connection and heater bank element connection. UTD-ECS5A* (optional parts). * Selected ducted units only.

Auto Restart Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Auto Restart

Should there be temporary loss of power; the unit will automatically restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.

ALL DC Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result


With All DC, electricity loss is decreased and power consumption reduced.

filter indicator Fujitsu Ducted Icon

Filter sign

Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp when it’s necessary.

Blue Fin Heat Exchanger Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

Corrosion-resistance of the heat exchanger in coastal areas has been improved by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchange.

Sleep Timer Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Sleep Timer

The micro-processor gradually changes the room temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.

economy mode Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Economy mode

Limits the maximum operation current, and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed.

Connectable Fresh Air Duct Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result

Connectable Fresh Air Duct

Allows the introduction of fresh air to occupied space.      

Auto changeover Fujitsu Ducted Icon_result


The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on the temperature setting and room temperature.