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Temperzone Climate Innovations

For over 65 years, Temperzone has designed and manufactured leading HVAC equipment. They have increased the size and capacity of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Sydney, and Hamilton. It is the only organisation to manufacture all air conditioning products locally.

Temperzone is dedicated to innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of air conditioning. Temperzone is the exclusive distributor of Hitachi Cooling and Heating products in New Zealand and Australia. The combination of Temperzone and Hitachi product ranges in residential and commercial markets has produced the most comprehensive offering of air conditioning products in New Zealand and Australia.

Temperzone specifications

  • Available in:

    Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)

  • Refrigerant:


  • Capacities:

    • 6.27 kw
    • 8.31 kw
    • 9.63 kw
    • 10.9 kw
    • 13.2 kw
    • 14.8 kw
    • 19.5 kw
    • 23.3 kw
    • 35.1 kw
    6.27 kw to 33.8kw

Ducted Systems

Indoor model ISD 171LYX
Outdoor model OSA 171RLTFH (3Ø)
14.5kW Cooling 14.9kW Heating
Supply & Install $14950
Indoor model ISD 211LYX
Outdoor model OSA 211RLTFH (3Ø)
19kW Cooling 20.8kW Heating
Supply & Install $17699
Indoor model ISD 251LYX
Outdoor model OSA 251RLTFH (3Ø)
22.5kW Cooling 23.3kW Heating
Supply & Install $18799
Indoor model ISD 351LYX
Outdoor model OSA 351RLTFV (3Ø)
33.8kW Cooling 35kW Heating
Supply & Install $27999

Water Cooled Packaged Unit

Model CWP63
Model CWP83
Model CWP96
Model CWP109
Model CWP132