Meet the Mitsubishi Electric GK-25/30 Series Air Curtain

Mitsubishi Electric air curtains are the ideal solution for maintaining a comfortable, clean, and energy-efficient environment in your premises. Their powerful yet quiet operation ensures effective insulation, preventing the loss of cool air during summer and heat during winter.

These air curtains also safeguard your premises from unpleasant external elements such as dust, insects, and odours. Featuring a quiet propeller design, they offer substantial airflow with minimal noise, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. The twin nozzle design improves insulation against external airflow, while easy maintenance and flexible installation options ensure long-lasting performance and convenience.

Mitsubishi Electric GK-25/30 air curtains specifications:

  • Capacities:

    • 372 l/s
    • 518 l/s
    • 518 l/s

Air Curtain

Model GK-2509YS2-CE
Airflow 336 l/s
Supply & Install $1179

Air Curtain

Model GK-3009AS2-CE
Airflow 402 l/s
Supply & Install $1229

Air Curtain

Model GK-2512AS2-CE
Airflow 394 l/s
Supply & Install $1279

Air Curtain

Model GK-3012AS2-CE
Airflow 483 l/s
Supply & Install $1329

Peace of mind

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners deliver reliable performance year in, year out. When used in residential applications, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are covered by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Warranty Card
  • Develop Operating Rules

    Tailor your system to always meet your needs and unlock the full potential of your air conditioner. Program your system to automatically turn On/Off at specific times, change settings, and develop temperature rules to ensure superior comfort day after day.

  • Voice Control

    Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems connected with Wi-Fi Control*1 are now Amazon Alexa*2 and Google Assistant*3 enabled. This means you can enjoy hands-free control.

  • Control Multiple Units

    Customise the settings of each air conditioner in your home. Purchase multiple adaptors to manage all air conditioners independently on the same account, to ensure complete control over your system. The result is a tailored system to your needs.