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Fujitsu 12.5kW Ducted Air Conditioner Installed

7,999.00 $


As is well known, Fujitsu stands out in the air conditioning sector as one of the best known brands of silent air conditioning. The Fujitsu Inverter Ducted High Static Single Phase is able to achieve impeccable efficiency producing only 32dB noise level, making it perfect for consumers who prioritize their rest in the choice of equipment. Thus, buying a Fujitsu 12.5kW ducted Inverter ARTG45LDTA becomes a great option for any type of installation, regardless of whether it is a commercial or domestic application.

Service Info:

Both the air conditioning unit and a standard installation are included in the price. We will inspect your property before any ducted system installation. The price includes a 5 year warranty.

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What's included:

✔️ Air conditioning unit
✔️ 5 years warranty on parts and labour
✔️ Zones Included

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Ducted products require inspecting the property for a suitable installation. Book a free consultation today to schedule an inspection.

Fujitsu 12.5kW Ducted Inverter Air Conditioning System

Separation of the evaporator is possible by the lightweight and compact design. The indoor unit can be separated into the fan drive unit and the heat-exchanger unit to fit through the intake grill space or the roof access door. The Fujitsu ducted inverter range is a best selling ducted system. Fujitsu is a brand trusted by millions of families around Australia.

  • Increased number of outlets:

High static ducted air conditioning allows for an increased number of air ducts to be installed.

  • Zone Control

Optional zone control allows for up to 8 zones to be connected, giving greater control to meet your individual needs. Ask us about our Zone Control products.

  • Power Supply

The use of single-phase power allows for greater flexibility and minimizes installation costs as there is no need to upgrade to a three-phase power supply. Energy efficiency is improved drastically by the new airflow design.

Fujitsu 12.5kW ducted air conditioner price:

The price for the Fujitsu 12.5kW ducted system model# ARTG45LDTA is $7.999. The price includes a basic installation. We will let you know beforehand if we need any extra material.


Fujitsu ducted models we install:

Additional information


10.0kW, 12.5kW, 14.0kW, 16kW, 20.0kW, 25kW

Technical Specifications

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Fujitsu 12.5kW ducted inverter single phase air conditioning system technical specifications:

Download file.

fujitsu-ducted-tec specs 45-54-60


What our clients Say

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Macquarie Park, NSW

“Happy with the service. Response fast and job done nicely with very reasonable price.”


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“Professional, clean and organized. I definitely recommend Mark to anyone who needs to install aircon. Happy with the service.”

Repair or clean your air conditioning unit

If your air conditioner is not functioning the way it should, it may be repairable. Sometimes the aircon needs a thorough cleaning & Maintenance or a replacement of a part to continue working properly. Give us a call or send us an email for a call out, we are experts in residential and commercial air conditioning repair.

💡 If you are having a difficulty installing a ducted system in your home, split system air conditioning could be a flexible option.